Blog Entries - December 2015


Posted on: December 21, 2015

Precision Handpiece Repair LLC offers free handpiece maintenance training to your employees. Your handpieces are a big investment to your practice. Employees should be trained on how to maintain them. We recommend having one individual that is in charge of the maintenance of the handpieces and being accountable for the proper cleaning and lubrication of the handpieces. A lot of dental offices have 3-4 people that take care of the handpieces which causes confusion and lack of accountability for the correct lubrication of the handpiece.

Handpieces should be cleaned with a lite soap and water or rubbing alcohol. Never use disinfectants on your handpieces.  Don’t wipe your handpiece with a chemical disinfectant, this may cause a reaction with the metal shell when heated, possibly shortening the lifespan of your handpiece causing build-up and corrosion.

Precision Handpiece Repair LLC services the following areas: Northern Kentucky, Lexington Kentucky, Louisville Kentucky, Indianapolis Indiana,  Cincinnati Ohio, Dayton Ohio, and Columbus Ohio Call us at 513-293-3341.

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