3 Reasons To Consider Automating You Handpiece Maintenance

Posted on: October 9, 2015

The automatic handpiece maintenance systems on the market today are built with the modern dental practice in mind. They’re fast and versatile, cleaning nearly any handpiece available.

1. Automation: A handpiece maintenance system helps eliminate human error by automating the process. Instruments are cleaned to meet the same high standard time after time. A manual approach to cleaning allows for residual debris in your handpieces, but a maintenance system ensures that all debris is reached and removed. This thorough cleaning not only reduces the risk of cross-contamination, but keeps your instruments up and running more smoothly than ever before and can help reduce costly repairs

2. Speed: Today’s systems eliminate time consuming maintenance by cleaning up to four instruments in less than two and a half minutes, at the push of a button. Because you interact with patients in back-to-back appointment slots, and you need clean instruments for each patient, timeliness is crucial. Even in times of high patient volume and stress, a handpiece maintenance system makes it quick and easy to get a sterilized set of instruments if no clean ones are handy

3. Patient Care: It is usually a challenge to spend adequate time with each patient you see. With an automatic system, instruments can be re-used rapidly in a maintained and cleaned state to improve time management in the practice. You no longer need to allow for 10 minutes after one appointment to make sure you have time to clean instruments for the next patient. This gives you extra time to discuss patients’ needs with them without rushing, reduces your own stress, and helps to ensure that communication is at its best within your practice.

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