All Turbines Are Not Created Equal

Posted on: December 11, 2018

All turbines are not created equal. Let me explain. First of all the dental turbine is made up of three components. The three components are the spindle/chuck assembly that holds the bur, an impeller and two miniature bearings.  ( See Diagram Below )

When purchasing an economy turbine the spindle will be a standard stainless steel, the impeller will not have balancing marks which helps balances the spindle for proper operation and the bearings will be steel bearings without dust shields which prevents dirt and debris from damaging the bearing. Most of these turbine a can be purchased on E-Bay for $79.00 to $99.00. Normally these turbines will last about 3 months.

In comparison, premium turbines offer a spindle that is coated with a tungsten carbide hardness which extends both the grip and life of the spindle and last up to 2 years longer than an economy spindle. The impeller used on the premium turbine has balancing marks which help balance the spindle for proper operation. Premium turbines have ceramic bearings with dust shields and last 10 times longer and are more quit than steel bearings. These turbines can be purchased from certified repair shops stating at $139.00 to $185.00. Normally theses turbines will last from 1 to 2 years.

Before you have your handpiece  repaired be sure to ask the repair shop how the turbine is manufactured and the type of bearings, impeller and chuck that are used in the building of the turbine.  By understand the installation of the turbine you will save money, time and less aggregation on repairs. For more information you can contact Dave Matacia from Precision Dental Handpiece Repair at 513-293-3341.