Self-Contained LED Couplers

Posted on: October 5, 2017

Prometheus Self-Contained LED Couplers By Johnson-Promident


The effective illumination of the operative area is an absolute necessity. Operatory lights, whether ceiling- or post-mounted, simply do not have the intraoral access and the intensity. The dentist’s loupe-mounted light is more effective but not always directly focused on the objective. Handpiece lights, always targeting the tip of the cutting bur, have become standards of clinical practice, and indispensable for the practitioner. The major concerns for most dentists are (1) the costs of the light-illuminated handpiece and its associated accessories and (2) the installation expenses involved in retrofitting the system—handpiece, tubing, control box, air, water, and power—to an existing unit. Furthermore, all these handpiece light system components are liable to malfunction. Johnson-Promident, an award-winning manufacturer of numerous handpieces and related accessories, has introduced the Prometheus Self-Contained LED Coupler, a novel technology that offers instant illumination to the fiber-optic handpiece with minimum installation worries and a far lower cost. The total fiber-optic setup is available for the cost of a regular quick disconnect coupler. Just insert the brand-corresponding Prometheus Coupler between the existing nonfiber-optic hose and the fiber-optic handpiece at the interface; there is no need for a power supply, no need to buy new fiber-optic hoses, and no need for expensive installation. (Review the instruction video online.) The Prometheus is available for KaVo, Star, NSK, and Midwest as well as other fixed-back fiber-optic handpieces. These Couplers will provide a long-term bright service. Every target operative area will be seen clearly and completely with the required illumination where it is needed and when it is needed.
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